About Us
TC & Steve have been involved in photography for a number of years and felt there was a need for something to assist aspiring photographers get the best from their hobby and even turn professional someday. As a result we have designed these courses to give opportunities for practical photography plus the dynamic of working in Adobe Photoshop with your own images. We both enjoy good food, good company and the outdoors. Oh, and Yorkshire Curd Tarts

Our Aim

Our aim is to present an opportunity for the development of a better knowledge of how to get the best possible image into the camera at the taking stage. Once this has been achieved, to provide information on some of the essential features of Adobe Photoshop which will enable even the so-so photographs to look good.    

Our pledge to you

We will show you the basic techniques described within our remit which, if used, will assist in radically improving your photogaphic skills. And for those wishing to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop we will show you basic essential techniques which will play a major part in improving your final image.

Don't miss these exciting opportunities to meet with like-minded people and develop your all round photographic experience.
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