Course Outline for "Flamborough, Saltwick Bay, Whitby "

This course based on the magnificent east coast of Yorkshire is ideal for beginners wishing to improve their photographic skills using a digital slr camera. Our day starts at 9.00am and finishes at 6.30pm.
This One-Day introduction course will appeal to photographers who wish to gain a knowledge of how to get the best from their equipment whilst taking advantage of this image rich part of the Yorkshire coast. Numbers are kept to a maximum of five in order to ensure a high level of individual tuition during the day.
Understanding exposure and depth of field are paramount to taking good photographs along with an appreciation of composition and how the varying light conditions affect the final image.
We often find that because modern digital cameras have auto and semi-auto modes photographers leave the outcome of their photographs for the camera to decide. During our course you will learn how you can take control of Metering and Exposure, Exposure Compensation, Bracketing, Depth of Field, Focusing using the Hyperfocul Distance,White Balance and the effects of changing the ISO levels to get the best possible image at the taking stage.
We also look at how quality of the final image changes between RAW and jpeg settings.
Neutral Density and Graduated Neutral Density Filters can significantly improve certain aspects of our photography and we look at how these can be used effectively.
As we move around we will be looking at composition of images and what makes for a good landscape photograph. Time will also be given for you to find your own images putting into practice some of the things already learned.
The cost of the course is £130 which includes group and one-to-one tuition plus extensive course notes and represents extremely good value for those wishing to take their photography more seriously. We are also available to give advice by telephone or email as an ongoing support.

What you need to bring

You will need to bring along a digital camera and tripod. If you have additional lenses these may come in useful but are not essential.
Waterproof clothing is adviseable and as there will be a short walk to some of the locations but nothing too strenuous, strong shoes and a pair of Wellington Boots may also come in handy if the weather is unkind.
A packed lunch will be required but there will be hot and cold drinks available throughout the day.
Please feel free to contact me on 07831 093824 if you would like more information.

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